The work of Chopin and Schubert who performed on the European tour of 2014 is the center.

Baku Tsunoda (Rainstick Orchestra), a world-class artist who was selected alongside 100 Ryoma Sakamoto and Fukuzawa Yukichi, respecting the world of "Newsweek" magazine, gave us comments and published it in the album band .

"Ayami Watanabe Plays, Schubert & Chopin"

We donated 2014/8 UP donation to the affected animals protection group in full donation

We donated all donation money to the afflicted animals protection group (August / 2014)

The amount donated by the people of Paris was 66.4 €.

Because I can not exchange money for Japanese yen, I will exchange 70 €, change it to JPY 9,356 and donation money for the concert of the previous day \ 28,292 plus the feeling from me, in total for \ 70,648 Today the afflicted animals of Fukushima I donated to the circle of dog and cat relief that protects many animals that are at risk of life.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

2013/2 UP i-Tunes shop, "Maid of Flax hair" on sale at on sale

2013/6 / UP Donation of Afflicted Animals Charity Concert

Report on Charity Concert Donation Luther Ichigaya discounted half the price of the hall fee as a charity concert of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
I was responsible for the expenses of 90,000 yen including remaining hall fee.

Since the guests who came to know the concert with the Internet, flyer etc etc, including the family members and acquaintances of the performers, visited us, the proceeds from this time will be 211,600 yen (amount of sales commission minus the fee) It was. And we donated 77,932 yen donation received from everyone and a total of 289,532 yen of profit to the " circle of dog cat relief " that protects many affected animals in Fukushima.
I sincerely express my sincere gratitude to the customers who visited us and the fellows who appeared free of charge.

2013/6 / UP Thank you for coming to the afflicted animal charity concert

East Japan great earthquake disaster afflicted animal charity concert ~ examination of masterpieces by piano ~ has finished successfully.
Also this time, we received a message from the delegate of " Circle of relief for dogs cats " which protects many affected animals.

Two months before the Great East Japan Earthquake, I fell into a cerebral infarction.

On that occasion, I was thinking how to organize activities to protect unfortunate dogs and cats in their own way while living.

There was a frustrating hand and foot, and when the things like my life as a whole came into sight, a great earthquake occurred.

It was the beginning of activities that never ended.

It was the beginning of a battle where goals could not be seen.

The nuclear power plant accident of TEPCO set an entry-prohibited area, and many pet dogs, cats, birds, and livestock such as cattle and pigs were left behind.

Dogs who breathed awaiting the return of their owner while being connected to the chain, the cats who once took a cannibal in the confined indoors would have been kept friends, the mothers wandering with calves, starve to death A goat not leaving the side of the companion who did it, the great earthquake was also hell for the animals.

My life has changed because I saw this situation in Fukushima.

A life that can not be saved or saved, a government that does not move, a government office, politicians.

Many petitions, and a swinging swing.
Nevertheless as long as there are still animals seeking help, I can not stop giving up deserting.

As time passed since the disaster, many volunteers who were active in the Fukushima area have now become a handful,
Ms. Ayami Watanabe extended his hand to me who was suffering from feeling of helplessness, helplessness, unexpectedly.
A warm warm hand ... and a hand that produces a beautiful sound.

Thank you for planning a charity concert for the affected animals and cheering with your colleagues teachers.
I sincerely express my gratitude.

The circle of dogs and cat relief spends everything on animal relief activities.
We deeply and deeply appreciate all of our staff.

Ms. Watanabe, and all the members of the gatherings, we are able to do our best again by pushing the back again today.

And, do not forget about the affected animals, thank you for all the people who gathered here today, in lieu of mythical animals, thank you for the words "Thank you" and thank you very much I will tell you.

That was the message of the representative of "circle of dogs and cat repair". Thank you very much.

2012/2 UP Report of Donated Charity Concert Donation

We donated money and donation money of 2012 disaster animation charity concert. A total of 162,295 yen of 116,290 yen donation money and 46,005 yen donation received from everyone was donated to February 11, 2012 to the "Animal Care Relief Ring " full of 200 animals protecting Fukushima dogs and cats I did it.
I sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

2012/1 / UP Watanabe Ayumi Famous Song Concert ~ Afflicted Animal Charity ~ was published in the newspaper

Eastern Japan great earthquake disaster damaged animal charity watanabe Ayami articles of piano masterpiece concert was published in Chiba Nichinoku, Mainichi Newspaper, Yomiuri Newspaper, Asahi Newspaper and others

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